And the Award Goes to...Terra Landscape!

We are proud to announce that we won three major awards from the California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA). We earned first place at this year’s CLCA East Bay Chapter Annual Awards in the category for Small Commercial Maintenance.  We also earned two awards at this year’s CLCA San Francisco Bay Chapter Annual Awards. We won first place in the category of Large Multi-Residential Maintenance and we won the Achievement Award in the category of Multi-Residential Install. 
For the CLCA East Bay Chapter, we were recognized for our work at Independence Plaza which is a 186 unit senior housing complex in Alameda. Back in 2012, the Housing Authority of the City of Alameda undertook one of the largest Bay Friendly landscape renovation projects to date. All turf grass throughout the 5.5 acre site was removed and converted to low-water landscaping that features an abundance of California native species. We have partnered with the Housing Authority since 2002 and we perform maintenance activities in compliance with Bay Friendly landscape maintenance guidelines.
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For the CLCA San Francisco Bay Chapter, we were recognized for our landscape maintenance and construction work at St. Francis Wood HOA in San Francisco. We earned the installation award for a lawn conversion, irrigation upgrade and drought tolerant planting project we performed throughout an 8-foot wide parkway that spans the length of 11 homes. We replaced old lawn strips and plants with drought tolerant shrubs and trees. We installed an in-line drip irrigation system for the shrubs and a separate line to accommodate the different water needs for the trees.
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