Landscape Maintenance

At Terra Landscape, all our employees are trained and committed to view your site as if it were their own. We know that a landscape management company, as with any service company, is only as good as their last site visit. We are a full-spectrum, one-stop-shop for all your landscape management needs. We understand how a well-maintained landscape attracts people and adds to your property value. We perform all work being mindful of Bay Friendly Landscaping Guidelines.

Turf care and renovation

  • Weekly mowing and edging, core aeration, application of organic topdressing, re-seeding and re-sodding
  • Control of broadleaf and grassy weeds using least toxic, most environmentally friendly option available
  • Control of insects and diseases
  • Grasscycling to provide your turf essential nutrients, which reduces fertilizer requirements by as much as 50%. Learn more

Irrigation system maintenance and repair

  • Regular, proactive system monitoring to ensure timely repairs
  • Renovation of older inefficient sprinkler heads and irrigation controllers
  • Back flow testing and repair
  • Trouble shooting of valve, wiring or pressure problems
  • We use the most modern water conservation practices

Shrub care and pruning

  • We specialize in informal hand pruning and shaping. Our approach to pruning compliments the natural form, strengthens the structural integrity of the plant and helps minimize green waste
  • We consider the plant as well as the planting space
  • We can invigorate older shrubs through selective hand pruning
  • Our approach helps to establish healthier plants more likely to resist pests

Tree care and monitoring by certified arborists

  • Proactive monitoring of your entire tree population to identify issues before they become expensive problems

Pest, disease and weed control

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the standard holistic approach we practice to control insects, plant diseases and other pests. Learn more
  • We identify and treat problems early to reduce the frequency and amount of material used to control a problem
  • We target the problem and apply the least toxic control methods available
  • Hand removal of weeds in sensitive areas

Site management plans

  • We customize plans based on your unique priorities, site conditions and budget.
  • Our plans range from improving plant health and drought tolerance to systematic renovation of your entire site
  • Bay Friendly Landscaping Packages are available