Water Management & Irrigation

Water costs represent one of the largest single costs of landscape maintenance in California. But without water, there is no landscape.  Water rates continue to increase while landscape water budgets set by water districts continue to decrease. The challenge then is to create a healthy, aesthetically attractive environment that only demands a reasonable amount of California’s water resources. Our focus is simple, eliminate water waste through timely system monitoring, evaluate systems to ensure that water is used efficiently and finally, provide recommendations which, over the long-term, reduce your use of landscape water. 

  • Irrigation systems monitoring and repairs

    • We repair controllers, valves, piping, sprinklers, drip emitters, electrical systems and back flow devices
  • System audits

    • We test to ensure water application is suitable for soil type, micro-climate and plant species
    • We test for proper hydrozoning to ensure landscape irrigation is divided into low, medium and high water use zones to match plant requirements
    • Our proactive programing and functioning of irrigation controllers and electrical systems enables us to actively manage irrigation based on need
    • Proper location of sprinkler heads
  • Water Rebate Programs

    • We work with local water agencies to help you take advantage of rebate programs to help your save money.
  • Water Management Programs

    • We provide recommendations for drought tolerant California native plantings
    • We use organic mulch in planter beds to improve water holding capacity which fosters drought resistant soils
    • We advocate for and install xeriscapes to reduce or eliminate “aesthetic only” turf areas
    • Increased tree plantings
    • Recommendations for modernizing, designing and installing high efficiency irrigation systems
  • Certifications

    • Certified Backflow Testing & Repair
    • Irrigation Association, Certified Irrigation Contractor