Environment Management

An environment management plan is similar to your homes’ foundation, it should provide solid support for all your landscape tasks. Our trained horticultural experts apply the principles of Bay Friendly Landscaping to develop tailored landscape management plans that will protect and enhance your site’s ecosystem. 

At Terra Landscape, we partner with you to educate, develop and execute a specialized plan that addresses the issues you care about most. Whether your focus is improving plant health and drought tolerance, attracting wildlife or lowering your water bills, our plan will help you achieve your environment management objectives while increasing property values and your return on investment.

  • Management plans, annual and multi-year

    • Water management based on unique site conditions, micro-climate and plant material
    • Complete tree care for individual trees to your entire urban forest 
    • Improved soil microbial activity and fertility which reduces the need for fertilizer
    • Improved plant rooting depth
    • Integrated Pest Management (IPM), the standard holistic approach we practice to control insects, plant diseases and other pests
    • Fire mitigation planning to identify and establish defensible zones surrounding structures
    • Landscaping for less to the landfill fosters healthy living soil aided by grasscycling, reducing waste and recycling materials by keeping plant debris on-site
    • We recycle 100% of all green waste we haul from your site
  • Landscape renovation plans

    • Consider weekly and seasonal maintenance activities
    • Reduce dependence on water resources
    • Eliminate hazards 
    • Improve aesthetics and property values
    • Maximize the function and appeal of your outdoor space
  • Management of creek, wetland and wooded areas

    • We have experience working in environmentally sensitive areas under environmental permits issued by Fish and Wildlife, Bay Area Water Quality Board and Army Corps of Engineers  
    • We create and protect wildlife habitat and diversity
    • We work to reduce storm water run-off and air pollution
    • We protect water and air quality by establishing healthy undisturbed soils and creating bio-swales 
    • Our trail building expertise is consistent with U.S. Forest Service Guidelines, which serve to reduce trail maintenance and soil erosion 
    • Invasive species control using non-toxic methods