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Our People

We understand that service providers are only as good as their people. Our Managers and Supervisors are trained and credentialed to ensure industry-leading expertise in all areas of arboricultural and horticultural management.

All employees participate in twice-monthly trainings to build on skills and review safety practices. From pruning styles to pest identification, from irrigation troubleshooting to first-aid training, our team takes seriously its responsibility to our clients and to each other.

More than two thirds of our staff have been with us for at least 10 years, which is well above the industry average. High retention ensures stability among our crews and enables us to provide consistent, quality service with a knowledge base that has grown with time. We are proud that our clients often view our crews as members of their community.

Our Story

As a business, our company has many rings in its trunk. It all started in 1972, when current owner Craig Lundin purchased a small tree-care company from his sculpture teacher at California College of the Arts. Craig continued making sculpture and took on the (part-time) company called Tree Sculpture to help pay the bills and raise a family. Over the next 15 years, he built a reputation for careful, artistic pruning by certified arborists who kept the primary focus on the health of the tree.

In 1989, a group of clients asked if the company would be willing to take care of landscapes as well as trees. Craig said yes – and found himself in the unique position of providing full spectrum landscape services.

Like a healthy oak, Tree Sculpture grew slowly and steadily over the next two decades, with both main branches thriving. Craig’s oldest son, Cassidy, who worked alongside crews during summer breaks, became more interested in and passionate about the business, and in 2010, he joined the company and today serves as President.

The maintenance division earned a reputation for its good work and continued to grow – and by 2012, a new division called Terra Landscape was formed. Since then, we’ve provided award winning services to a widening group of clients who appreciate our comprehensive approach.

Today we are proud to have 130 employees who are deeply committed to providing quality landscape management and tree care throughout the Bay Area. We remain small enough to provide clients with personalized service yet large enough to respond efficiently and effectively to any challenge.

Our Core Values

Respect for people


Consistent quality



Recent Awards

2022 CLCA Awards

  1. Small Commercial Maintenance (Vista Del Sol in Pleasanton)
  2. Small Design + Build (Forest Hill in San Francisco)

2019 CLCA East Bay Chapter Awards

  1. Large Commercial Installation (The Waterford in Walnut Creek)
  2. Water Conservation Installation (Rancho Dorado in Walnut Creek)
  3. Large Commercial Installation (Rancho Dorado in Walnut Creek)

Recent Awards

2021 CLCA East Bay Chapter Awards

  1. Small Commer. Maintenance. (Redwood Hills in Oakland)
  2. Small Design Build Installation (Arcadia Park in Oakland)

2018 CLCA East Bay Chapter Awards

  1. Small Commercial Maintenance (Bayside Commons)
  2. Sustainable landscape Installation (Bayside Commons)
  3. Large Commercial Installation (Bayside Commons)

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