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At Terra Landscape, we employ a partnership approach with municipalities and governments to provide a higher level of landscape service for your community. Our proven approach will reduce the number of landscape related complaints you receive. Our Managers and crew leaders are trained to proactively identify and resolve potential issues. Our active management style and clear communications help to improve safety and reduce public liability.

As your partner, we are keenly aware that we represent, report to and work for the agency…yet we are mindful that we ultimately serve the public. Our employees are residents of the municipalities we service. We care for each community we serve with the pride and attention to detail we would extend to our own neighborhood.

We are uniquely positioned to act as one accountable service provider that excels in providing comprehensive, end-to-end landscape management while providing streamlined communications and responsiveness that only a small, local company possibly could. The key is our partnership approach.

From traffic management plans, high visibility safety apparel, to offering flexible scheduling to minimize obstructions in high traffic areas or for special events- Safe working practices are paramount to the success of our operation.

We regularly report status to ensure everyone knows what work has been completed and which activities we have planned. We keep you informed to avoid unwelcome surprises.

We encourage monthly landscape meetings to review work completed and activities planned. We provide a single point of contact for all inquiries to ensure streamlined communications and quick response and resolution. We provide 24-hour emergency service.

We are one accountable partner who can competently handle all of your landscape needs from litter, trash, and graffiti removal to weed abatement and fire prevention services.

Our employees are trained, certified, licensed, and committed to caring for your community as if it were their own.

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