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Our enhancement and construction services range from small installations to comprehensive site renovations, and since we usually maintain the landscapes we install, we are acutely aware of their impact on maintenance and water use.

We will work to understand your goals and develop a phased, budget-conscious approach to your landscape improvement. We offer in-house design services or can work from your landscape plans. Our computerized designs provide realistic representations of your landscape’s potential.

We offer integrated design, build, and maintain services. We always facilitate a hand-off meeting with our clients, another contractor, or most commonly, our own maintenance department to review key project details including maintenance best practices and irrigation programming.

Lawns are by far the most expensive and water-demanding use of most landscapes. Let us help you qualify for substantial rebates being offered by many California water agencies.
Our computerized designs are colorful and easy to read – perfect for group presentations.
We work with you to design and create attractive, economical hardscapes that enhance safety and beauty.
We specialize in drainage solutions, including French drains, subsurface drainage systems, downspout redirection. For larger areas, our custom bio-swales help filter pollutants, reduce runoff, and recharge groundwater.

Whether you need a few replacement parts or an overhaul of your entire system, we are here to help. When converting an area from lawn to garden, we can help modify your existing system to a more appropriate and economical one.

Our crews are experienced in clearing waterways, removing trash and debris but leaving natural features in place for wildlife habitat.

We have decades of experience with large-scale weed abatement, removing weeds and grasses that become fire dangers when they go seasonally dormant. Our work with fire-safety inspectors has taught us what needs to be done to ensure your landscape is as safe as possible.

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Experienced teams keep your property looking its best in all seasons.


Updated irrigation systems managed by dedicated technicians maximize your water savings.


We balance safety, aesthetics, and plant health to provide custom care for trees of all ages.