Water Management


Water costs represent one of the largest single expenses of landscape maintenance in California. Water rates continue to increase while water budgets (set and enforced by local water districts) continue to decrease. Our focus is to create and maintain healthy, attractive landscapes that need only a reasonable amount of water to thrive.

We eliminate water waste through timely system monitoring, evaluating systems to ensure that water is used efficiently and finally, provide recommendations which, over the long-term, reduce your use of landscape water.
We routinely inspect and repair all elements of your system, including backflow devices, controllers, electrical connections, valves, piping, sprinklers, and drip emitters.
With a combination of high-tech “smart controllers” and well-trained personnel, we make timely adjustments to optimize irrigation efficiency and plant health.
We utilize tools available through your water district and private organizations like WaterFluence, along with our own proprietary water-tracking tools.
We track updates from your water district and relay that information to you. We educate and guide our clients through the process of earning rebates for lawn conversions and irrigation upgrade.
Our 24 hour Emergency Service and on-call staff ensure prompt response to any emergency.

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