Our Area Managers work closely with you to develop a program that fits your budget and priorities, and our Supervisors, Crew Leaders, and Irrigation Technicians are trained to identify and resolve issues before they become expensive problems.

Using the principles of ReScape California, we train our employees to foster soil health, conserve water, protect valuable natural resources, reduce waste, prevent pollution, and create habitat for wildlife on your property.

Compost provides nutrients and improves soil texture, so we add certified organic compost at planting time and seasonally as needed for plant health. Mulch retains moisture, suppresses weeds, and slowly breaks down to feed the soil. Terra Blend, our exclusive mulch, combines clean arbor chips with fresh green trimmings.

We specialize in hand-pruning and naturalistic shaping to compliment the natural form of the plant and enhance its structural integrity.

Turf management, including feeding, weeding, mowing, and careful monitoring of irrigation is a maintenance mainstay, and over the years we have fine-tuned our practices and schedules. For color rotations, we offer bright seasonal flowers chosen for maximum impact.

Our Supervisors, Crews, and Irrigation Techs will proactively monitor and repair your irrigation system to minimize water waste and maximize plant health.

We use the least-toxic approach, following the principles of IPM (Integrated Pest Management).

For each new account, our Managers carefully prepare a “30-60-90-Day Plan” for initial landscape improvement. We provide ongoing Pruning and Service Schedules, Monthly Activity Reports, and a customized Horticulture Calendar for your property.

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Updated irrigation systems managed by dedicated technicians maximize your water savings.

Design and

Customized plans are carefully installed with the long term in mind.


We balance safety, aesthetics, and plant health to provide custom care for trees of all ages.